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Are you looking for an injection of vibrancy in your life? If so, that's called revival.

And God is the One that revives us. 

When trusting in Jesus' death and resurrection, we who were once dead in our sins are now given life. This first work of revival from spiritual death to spiritual life is a work of God the Spirit.

And the revival you're looking for is also a work of the Spirit.   

We can't artificially create a revival. However, we can prepare ourselves for when the winds of the Spirit blow. How? By hearing from God consistently.  

This year, we are trusting that when God's people are committed to God's Word we will experience an outpouring of God's Spirit

Simply put, the Bible will lead us to revival. 

2021: The Bible Leads to Revival

If you have the Bible App or if you want to take part in the reading plan online, click the link below for daily readings and daily videos 


Webb's Chapel Baptist Church 

Current Gathering Times

Worship Service: Sunday 11am


Sunday School and additional weekly gatherings will continue as normal once Covid risk levels in our county are lower.  

Weekly Worship Services are Posted on Webb's Facebook 

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